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Wilson Air Center Hosts Largest VLJ Exhibit in U.S.

Charlotte, North Carolina – March 9, 2007 –Wilson Air Center – Charlotte hosted the largest Very Light Jet (VLJ) Exhibition in the U.S. on March 2nd, drawing in more than 650 guests, eight aircraft
manufacturers and numerous other related companies to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Aircraft manufacturers exhibited static aircraft and mock ups to give the first “apples to apples” comparison
of specs and performance between the VLJ options all in one place. Attendees got a first hand look at the
Embraer Phenom 300, Honda Aircraft HondaJet, Diamond Aircraft D-Jet, Spectrum S-33 Independence,
Eclipse 500, Adam Aircraft A500 and A700, Cessna Mustang and CJ1 and Epic Air’s Dynasty and Elite.
Other related suppliers and vendors included: Garmin, Advocate, DTC DUAT, SatCom Direct, Hays
Companies, Aircell and Riola Law.

Jetpool, an aircraft management and sales company located in Charlotte, along with co-sponsor
Bank of America facilitated the event. “Jetpool was excited to see such an amazing turnout,” said Ryan Stone,
Chief Executive Officer, Jetpool, LLC.“With eight different VLJ manufacturers under one roof, it was easy for
buyers to find the right jet for their particular mission.”

In addition to static and mock up displays and supplier and related companies, the event served up a wealth
of VLJ focused information through highly focused seminars on legal, tax, finance and insurance issues as
they relate to the new aircraft segment. “The expo and seminars were a great way to demonstrate the benefits
of using a VLJ as an affordable, high performance business tool. From the initial feedback received, the
seminars were valuable in helping consumers make the right choices,” Stone said.

“The Jetpool seminars on the new very light jets commanded wide attention from both the manufacturers
and the 650 plus attendees interested in this newest class of corporate jets,” said James Dickerson, National
Market Executive, Bank of America. “Bank of America was delighted to co-sponsor this event and participate
in the speakers’ forum. We look forward to supporting our clients in the growth of this sector of Corporate

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport also contributed to making this event a success. “”We were
delighted to showcase our facilities and Wilson Air Center’s service team here in Charlotte to such a large
and influential group of aviation business people.” Said T. Jerry Orr, Aviation Director, Charlotte Douglas
International Airport.

The event is being touted as a success as manufacturers reported combined deals for over 50 potential aircraft
sales and other vendors also reported positive sales figures at the show. “Our ramp was full of aircraft that
flew in from as far away as Florida, Texas and New York to attend this event,” said Vince Papke, General
Manager, Wilson Air Center – Charlotte. All vendors expressed their desire to be part of the next VLJ show,
which is planned to be held in Charlotte around the same time next year.

With locations in Memphis, TN, Charlotte, NC and Houston, TX, Wilson Air Center FBOs are renowned
for their innovative approach to customer service and satisfaction that originated from roots within the
hospitality industry. The Memphis location is the home of one of the world’s largest aircraft canopies, and is
touted by the aviation industry as among the top fixed base operations in the United States for the quality of
its services and the comfort and design of its facilities.

Wilson Air Center – Memphis was recently named as the 1 FBO in the 2006 Aviation International News,
making them the only FBO ever to be consecutively named 1 for seven years. They claimed this honor for
years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Wilson Air Center was also named 1 FBO in Professional
Pilot’s PRASE Survey, the first FBO to be named 1 in both industry surveys in the same year. Wilson Air
Center – Charlotte was named 23 FBO in the U.S. by Professional Pilot’s PRASE Survey after only two years
of operation. For more information on Wilson Air Center or the services we offer, please call 901-345-2992 or
visit w ww.wilsonair.com.

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