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2930 Winchester Rd.
Memphis, TN 38118

901-345-1288 fax
ASRI: 129.27


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MEM Amenities MEM Amenities


Wilson Air Center - Memphis provides a complete array of the FBO services and impeccably designed facilities, all delivered with our award-winning service. Our massive 26,000 sq. ft. arrival and departure canopy can accommodate multiple simultaneous departures and arrivals and is sure to make your trip to Memphis more comfortable and convenient.

  • 26,000 sq. ft. Aircraft Canopy
  • Two Executive Conference Facilities
  • 30,000 sq. ft. of Office Space
  • Spacious Business Center, WSI, Direct Line to Clearance Delivery
  • Pilot Lounge, Snooze Room and Remote Quiet Room
  • Private Celebrity/VIP Lobby
  • More than 100,000 sq. ft. of Heated Transient
    Hangar Space
MEM Primary Services MEM Primary Services

Primary Services

Whether visiting Memphis for business, pleasure or a specific event, our immense 26,000 sq. ft. aircraft canopy ensures you a “front-door” parking space for your aircraft and passengers. Large enough to accommodate a Gulfstream 550 or Global Express, the canopy allows your passengers to embark/disembark free from inclement weather or the hot Memphis sun. Our professionally trained, hotel-style concierges make sure every detail is taken care of from touchdown to take off.

  • Aircraft Fueling Featuring Titan Aviation Fuel Products
  • Catering
  • GPU, LAV, De-Ice and Potable Water
  • Military, Freight and Airline Handling
  • Enterprise Rental Cars Onsite
  • Titan Rewards Program
  • Crew Cars
  • Air Stairs, Air Start Units, Belt Loaders
Other MEM Services

Other Services

Wilson Air Center is proud to provide handling services for any size airline charter. Sports teams and large groups will appreciate the separate, private arrival departure area available. Our professionally trained ground handling team can also accommodate any freight handling requirements from specialized ground equipment to logistical planning.

Wilson Air Center – Memphis also provides deicing services upon request.