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Wilson Air Center Announces Partnership With FlightBridge, Inc.

Web-based platform to further enhance customer service offerings at Wilson Air

Wilson Air Center, renowned for their world-class FBO and aviation services, recently announced a partnership with FlightBridge Inc., provider of a web-based technology platform which will further enhance concierge style service at Wilson Air Center. The new platform connects Wilson Air Center’s customer service representatives directly to service providers, such as hotels and car rental companies, allowing for reservations to be booked faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In a continuing effort and dedication to enhance the customer service experience, Wilson Air representatives will be utilizing this cutting edge technology at all four locations, Memphis, TN; Charlotte, NC; Houston, TX; and Chattanooga, TN. In addition, through an exclusive agreement with FlightBridge, for the next 12 months Wilson Air will also offer a free, modified lite version of the technology to interested customers.

FlightBridge was developed to simplify communication, reduce the potential for errors, and improve the efficiency of service fulfillment between flight departments and their service providers, such as hotels, caterers, and car rental suppliers. Now adapted for use by FBOs, FlightBridge offers additional, enhanced features that eliminate the costly and time consuming processes associated with the existing phone, email, and fax-based methods of managing arrival reservations. FlightBridge provides two-way communication allowing customer service representatives to search for and book available reservations in real-time, while also enabling service providers to post status updates or request clarification directly from the FBO.

“FlightBridge has enhanced tools for FBOs which consolidate all arrival reservations and related services in one platform, giving the customer service representative  the ability to create and manage all hotel, car rental, catering and other service reservations ,  with the click of a button,” said Dudley King, President, FlightBridge. “In addition, FBOs can still pass along their concierge recommendations and pre-established discounts to their customers.”

FlightBridge’s unique Live Board feature is extremely beneficial for increasing operational efficiency at Wilson Air Center. The FlightBridge Live Board enables the FBO to electronically track and monitor aircraft ramp parking locations, arrival, departure, pull-up times, services ordered, and when those services are completed, along with additional “work order” information.  FlightBridge will generate customizable reports detailing the specifics of a day’s traffic by category.  FlightBridge’s accurate, electronic, live tracking and reporting helps to plan staffing as well as other required services.

“This technology brings a whole new meaning to the “concierge-style service” that Wilson Air Center is known for,” said Dave Ivey, Vice President, Wilson Air Center. “Never before has the set-up, modification or cancellation of services been so seamless. Teaming with FlightBridge will positively impact all Wilson Air Center customers, giving them faster, more personal service. ”

FlightBridge is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed from any computer and mobile devices, giving customers a choice as to how they book their services.   Now, Wilson Air Center’s world class concierge service providers can continue to handle all booking requests from customers at any of their four locations, or customers can book services themselves using FlightBridge .

“Recognizing the dramatic increase in technological capabilities and listening to feedback from our customers, we now offer a ‘self service’ option for operators who wish to book their own services while still taking advantage of our concierge’s service provider recommendations as well as the special discounts we offer,” continued Ivey. “This innovative software gives our customers two great options for booking all the services they need.”

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