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New Uniforms Announcement

Wilson Air Center is excited to announce the arrival of our new uniforms! Our previous uniforms had been in circulation for around ten years, and so it was time for a change. Our new uniforms feature brightly colored polo shirts and dark cargo pants for all of our Line Techs. We have kept the same color designating system, for the ease of recognizing our team members. So next time you are visiting a Wilson Air Center and are in need of assistance, the designation is as follows: red shirts are Trainees, yellow shirts are Line Techs, orange shirts are Supervisors, and blue shirts are Managers. Our polos have also been specially designed with Velcro patches on the front of the shirts and on the arm sleeve. The Velcro patches will allow easy swaps of nametags and special event patches. Currently our special event patch features the American flag and our “10x Best FBO” logo. We will be designing and updating our patches for new events throughout the years, so keep an eye out for things to come!

The front desk CSRs and Concierges have also received an upgrade on their uniforms. They now wear the Wilson Air Center blue proudly, and when paired with our bright orange and yellow ties and scarves, you will not be able to miss them whether you are just across the lobby, or across the ramp. We are happy to unveil our new uniforms and hope that you will stop by one of our four locations to see us!