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The Man That Started It All

Kemons WilsonKemmons Wilson. Many in the business world know this name as soon as it is said, but for those of you who do not, this is the man that revolutionized the modern hotel industry. Often called the “Father of the Modern Hotel”, he made the travel industry not only affordable and comfortable but very dependable. Kemmons Wilson was once quoted as saying, “In those days {1950s era}, you wouldn’t dream of renting a room without inspecting it first.” A simple family road trip to Washington DC from the Wilson’s hometown of Memphis, TN in 1951 turned into a road trip for the history books… Literally! Kemmons, his wife Dorothy, and their five children got tired along their route and had to stop at a roadside motel.

You must remember that during this time in our Nation’s history, hotel and highway infrastructure was far from complete. He was first told that the room was $6.00 a night, and then he was informed that it would be an additional $2.00 per child! Right then and there Kemmons Wilson looked at his wife, Dorothy, and proclaimed, “I’m going to start a hotel where kids stay free!” That’s it. The Holiday Inns were born. The way the American family would travel was forever changed – for the better.

Bob Wilson grew up in the hospitality industry which is why at Wilson Air Center, hospitality is the rule and never the exception! To this day Bob Wilson gives his “Pop” (Kemmons Wilson) credit with instilling in him the drive to do his best at everything and a huge sense of civic pride.

Wilson Air Center first opened its doors in 1996 at Memphis International Airport. Bob Wilson incorporated his hospitality knowledge (customer care/satisfaction), attention to details, and aviation passion into a modern day FBO. Each Wilson Air Center has a full time Hotel-Style Concierge to tend to every detail of the customer’s trip.

The true Wilson attitude shines through in all of the 150 plus Wilson Air Centers’ staff, from the “never say no” policy to the constant smiles on their faces. Wilson Air Center currently has three award winning locations in Memphis, Charlotte and Houston Hobby, with the fourth opening the beginning of August in Chattanooga, TN! Wilson Air Center invites you to come and experience the difference the Wilson Attitude makes and remember… The Difference Is In The Details!

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