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Wilson Air Center – Houston Debuts Newly Renovated Terminal

Wilson Air Center – Houston debuts newly completed 7,200 sq. ft. terminal renovation to match award-winning personal service they have been providing for years. Experience true Houston Hospitality combined with the world-class service at the Wilson Air Corral.

Wilson Air Center – Houston has been in operation since September of 2005 and has acquired countless awards and accolades in the years since. While most of the FBO’s awards highlight Outstanding Line Service, Customer Service, and even employees being named time and time again for going above and beyond the call of duty, the “Facility” category in FBO surveys always lacked, until now.

With a newly completed terminal and lobby, Wilson Air Center – Houston finally has a physical facility to match the outstanding level of service and hospitality it has been providing for years. The new terminal entirely reconfigured previous offices and support structures to create an unrecognizable lobby and entrance for passengers and pilots. The new terminal is a large upgrade from the 1,750 sq. ft. lobby passengers have previously been familiar with. Now, customers can spread out in the 7,200 sq. ft. expansion with 18 ft. high ceilings featuring a modern Western ambiance that immediately makes customers feel right at home in Houston, Texas no matter where their travels may take them.

With festive cowhide rugs and Texas longhorn and bluebell artwork beautifully furnishing the area, the new lobby is appropriately nick-named the Wilson Air Houston “Corral.” Customers are invited to gather and feel at home; whether they are embracing their inner cowboy with a rest on Wilson Air Center’s custom-made saddle seats or conducting business in the sleek VIP Conference room overlooking the aircraft during their time in Houston.

The newly finished terminal includes a VIP Conference Room that seats 10, Flight Planning Room, Pilot Lounge, ample seating that looks directly onto the ramp, and a fully stocked refreshment bar and hightop table area complete with Blue Bell ice-cream year-round, a local and personal favorite of Bob Wilson.

The lobby also features a natural “Rootbeer Root” console table that displays its beautifully intertwined design and has easily become a focal point for all who enter the terminal.

Wilson Air Center – Houston has 100,000 sq. ft. of hangar space, 20,000 sq. ft. office space, can handle up to a B767-300 on their expansive ramp, and currently offers a complete range of FBO services. The old lobby will be upgraded and re-imagined as a Charter Terminal and VIP Lobby. Available for service 24/7, 365 days a year, Wilson Air Center – Houston is located on the less congested south end of the field, with easy in and easy out direct from runway 13R, is the only FBO adjacent to US Customs Service, and is prepared for any need that may arise during their customers’ stay.

General Manager, Jonathan Garms, says “The employees have a space that represents them and the level of service they provide.” Wilson Air Center continues to stand out even with a multitude of FBO choices at Houston Hobby Airport. The hotel-style concierge greeting passengers immediately upon arrival, attention to detail from landing to takeoff, and the southern hospitality wins over customers time and time again. And now, Wilson Air Center – Houston and their customers have a beautiful terminal that is finally worthy of the award-winning level of service that has been hard at work for years.

While this 9-month long renovation project has just wrapped up, Wilson Air Center – Houston is not done with its scheduled improvements. Plans are in the works for a porte-cochere and newly designed parking lot as well as expanding its fuel farm to keep up with their ever-increasing jet traffic at Houston Hobby Airport (KHOU). Wilson Air Center – Houston aims to continue growing their exceptional amenities, while still providing the same personalized service to meet the needs of all their customers.

Wilson Air Center – Houston is one of four Wilson Air Center locations including KMEM, KCLT, and KCHA. The chain has been voted as the Best Small Chain FBO 15x and is consistently ranked among the top US FBOs by aviation publications.