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Wilson Air Center Ramp Rehab

Beginning Monday April 3rd, 2017 Wilson Air Center will undergo ramp resurfacing

Phase 1 Construction Operational Guidelines


During Phase 1 of this Ramp Rehab, our operations

will switch over to the North Ramp as the South Ramp

will be closed to arriving and departing aircraft.

During Phase 1, inbound aircraft are to proceed directly to Wilson North



Out bound aircraft will turn out toward south then turn west to exit the ramp.


Aircraft remaining overnight are to be located in the areas as followed



Vehicles may enter the construction areas that are not barricaded off only if it is the safest and most direct route to Wilson South or GSE equipment parking.





Beginning April 6th through April 14, the concrete at the Wilson South main entry will undergo rehab. During this portion of the project, the main doors will not be accessible to enter or egress from the FBO building.  The VIP Room side entry (located on west side of building) will be the main point of entry and exit for passengers, crew, and Wilson staff to access the ramp.

Wilson North Building


During Phase 1 Construction, Wilson North will be a main ramp of our operations. Wilson North is not intended to be the main passenger terminal. This is primarily due to street-side vehicle parking and to not confuse our customers on which terminal to use.


The North Building will have a POS for pilots who wish to pay quickly or quick turns. Ice, Coffee, and Papers will also be available in the North Building to reduce excessive traffic between North and South Ramps.

The doorway to the parking lot at Wilson North will be unlocked between the hours of 0600 and 2200. After 2200 and before 0600 the door will require a badge for access into the building.

Line may store some equipment in the ramp parking spaces in front of Wilson North.


This website will be updated as new information becomes available so be be sure to check in regularly.