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Mary Kay Provides True Houston Hospitality at WAC-HOU

Wilson Air Center – Houston may have just received a huge terminal and lobby upgrade, but their emphasis on award-winning service remains the same. Mary Kay, Customer Service Manager at Wilson Air Center – Houston, loves to greet her customers in the beautiful new “Corral”, but also knows how meaningful it is to step outside of the usual services offered when a customer is in need.

Mary and her team of Customer Service Representatives and Concierges routinely put in the extra effort to make their customers’ visit to Wilson Air Center – Houston memorable. They often leave a customer’s favorite cookie ready for them in their car when pulling up planeside for a quick snack, and love to send out birthday cards from the entire team. And sometimes, a customer request requires a bit more effort; and Mary is happy to oblige.

Mary Kay has coordinated everything from giving out roses on Valentine’s Day to personally hand-delivering left behind items to the local Veteran’s Hospital. Although Wilson Air Center may only be their point of arrival and departure in Houston, Mary takes special care to ensure that those moments in her terminal are a memorable part of the trip.

Time and time again Mary and her team at Wilson Air Center – Houston prove that the difference is in the details. They are not only willing to offer amazing service to their customers, but also will seek out ways to improve a customer’s visit to Houston and make it unforgettable. Our Houston team has been honored to serve you as the CAA Preferred FBO at KHOU since 2007, and we ask that you please vote for Wilson Air Center – Houston to remain the CAA Preferred FBO in November.