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Enjoy Sweet Service at Wilson Air Center – Houston

Enjoy Sweet Service at Wilson Air Center - Houston

When you fly into Wilson Air Center, you know that award-winning service and hospitality is waiting for you. But you can also look forward to the small details that make your travels more enjoyable: comfortable lobbies to relax in before your flight, fresh baked cookies as an afternoon snack, and travel toiletries in case you forgot something at home. Jonathan Garms, General Manager of Wilson Air Center – Houston, makes sure that his base offers everything you expect — and more.

In addition to offering fully stocked coffee bars with accompanying snacks, Wilson Air Center bases are known to give out ice cream year-round. So, when Jonathan heard of a young boy traveling with his family that didn’t like any of the ice cream flavors offered at KHOU, he wasted no time. Before their flight left, Jonathan had personally gone out to find their favorite flavor of ice cream and deliver it to the young passenger in the lobby.

Jonathan and his entire team at Wilson Air Center – Houston know that their extra efforts make a trip memorable, and they strive to make every visit to the Wilson Air Center Corral extraordinary. Our Houston team has been honored to serve you as the CAA Preferred FBO at KHOU since 2007, and we ask that you please vote for Wilson Air Center – Houston to remain the CAA Preferred FBO in November.