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CLT Voted Best FBO of the Year by Delta Airlines

Wilson Air Center – Charlotte is proud to have been voted as the #1 Best FBO in the country by Delta Air Lines for 2023. The Delta Air Lines Charter Coordinators and Charter Planners were asked to submit their votes based on the level of service received throughout the entire year, and Wilson Air Center – CLT outranked the dozens of other FBOs Delta utilizes daily.

As the largest charter carrier in the US, Delta Air Lines expects unparalleled customer service and support from their charter partners. Wilson Air Center is proud to not only meet these expectations set by Delta but exceed them. Eric Young, General Manager of Charter Operations at Delta stated: “An amazing job by the entire Wilson Air Team. You really care about us, and our customers, and it shows every single charter.”

Charlotte Douglas International Airport in partnership with Wilson Air Center – Charlotte recently completed a $3.5 million renovation of their 9,000 sq. ft. Charter Terminal. The terminal features seating for over fifty (50) individuals, parking for over two hundred (200) vehicles, a private screening room with direct access to the aircraft, a conference room, catering prep area, a private dressing room, and both interior and exterior security cameras monitored 24/7. All the home teams are now able to park their personal vehicles at the Charter Terminal. All visiting teams now have the capability to be dropped at the front door of the charter terminal for screening. A large ramp-access gate has been added for equipment trucks/buses for loading and unloading at the aircraft.

Our dedicated Charter team of one full-time employee and thirteen (13) part-time employees handled two hundred and sixty-three (263) charter flights in 2023. Eighty-four (84) charters were NBA flights, and the remaining were NFL, MLS, NCAA, and ad hoc flights. Wilson Air Center – Charlotte has the FBO ramp capacity to park and handle multiple airline category size aircraft at the same time up to a B-767-400. Our Charter department features a complete onsite inventory of aircraft ground equipment, deicing services, and professionally trained ground personnel ready to accommodate any size aircraft and/or AD HOC charter ground handling needs.


Assistant Manager at Wilson Air Center – CLT Dave Tresaloni says, “Our team is dedicated to what they do, and they work very hard to ensure that all of our charter clients and their customers receive the attention that they deserve as users and supporters of Wilson Air and Charlotte Douglas International

Airport.” Open 24/7, 365 our teams at all Wilson Air Center locations, KMEM, KHOU, KCLT, and KCHA are ready to provide you with outstanding service and hospitality.